Slide FOL achieved Fifteen (15) Million Man-Hours Lost Time Injury Free (LTI-free Operations). Slide We Do No Harm to People, the Environment and the Asset.

Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment

FOL adheres strictly to international best practices on Health, Safety, Security and Environment including the terms of the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) approvals it secured from the Department of Petroleum Resources. Since the start of full scale development and production activities in 2006, FOL has conducted its operations without any major health, safety, environmental or security incidents. During this period, the company has achieved 15 million man-hours of LTI (Loss Time Injury) free operations. This achievement is founded on two firm HSSE policies: Empowerment of every member of the FOL team, and Management’s commitment to effective HSSE practices and matters.


The first step to empowering our team is education. At FOL, each new member of staff is put through a robust and comprehensive orientation and HSSE induction within a few days of coming on-board. We hold daily tool box meetings to ensure that all staffs are aware of any hazards that may impact their safety or security during the day’s planned activities. We hold regular drills to test our preparedness to the Emergency Response Plans. Two of our core values – Safety and People are especially pertinent as we go about our operations. We believe that safety is paramount; if it’s not safe we don’t do it and we empower and authorise staff to “stop the work” if they observe an unsafe act being carried out or if an operational activity is being conducted in an unsafe condition or manner.

Management Commitment To QHSSE Matters

Protecting our people is not just a slogan. We live it and breathe it, and this philosophy starts at the very top of the organisation from the Board of Directors (HSSE Board Committee that meets quarterly) and the Executive Management team who supervise operations, inspect facilities and interact with staff on a regular basis.
It is our duty to ensure FOL’s HSSE policies and procedures are understood and adhered to by all FOL staff, contractors and sub-contractors to ensure the well-being and protection of our people, our host communities and the company

FOL is committed to a Quality Management System in line with Oil & Gas Industry best practice standards.  FOL believes that Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental issues are closely interwoven and thus strives to achieve effective quality assurance in all aspects of its operations.

FOL is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for its personnel, contractors, third parties and the general public and has successfully conducted its operations since 2006 without major health incidents.

FOL achieved 15 million man-hours LTI (Loss Time Injury) free operations as at June 2021, a significant milestone in the life of our growing organisation, and visible proof of our commitment to implementing best in class HSSE management practices in our operations.

FOL recognises the need to focus attention on security issues in the prevailing operational environment in the Niger-Delta and has put in place a fit for purpose security management system to meet the challenges of the operation in the region.

FOL has secured an approved EIA permit from the Department of Petroleum Resources & the Federal Ministry of Environment for the Uquo Field and is adhering strictly to the EIA & EMP requirements for the field development.