Frontier Oil Limited (“FOL”), incorporated in 2001 is an indigenous Nigerian oil and gas Exploration and Production company with a proven track record of developing and bringing into production both crude oil and non-associated gas (NAG) fields. FOL participated in the 2003 Federal Government of Nigeria field programme through which the Uquo Field located in OML 13, onshore Akwa Ibom state was acquired.

FOL aspires to grow its hydrocarbon reserves base in the medium term but also recognises the rapidly changing nature of the global energy landscape, the emerging role and increasing importance of renewables in the global energy mix.


FOL’s strategic drive is to evolve into a mid-sized energy company in the long term with the capacity to deliver energy sustainably to meet the needs of the African continent and the West African sub-region in particular.

Our Core Values


We are trustworthy and consistent in doing the ethical thing.


We take ownership and hold each other accountable for performance individually, in teams and as an organization.


We do no harm to people, the environment and the asset.


We are resilient and adapt to change by continuously learning and doing new things.

We find alternative and creative solutions to challenges that create value for the business.



We show respect to our employees and demonstrate their value by rewarding performance .

We are focused disciplined and committed to working together for the success of the business.


We deliver energy sustainably for the benefit of our stakeholders.


To safely produce lowest cost oil & gas, while building reserves and production capabilities that drive short and medium-term growth.

Mission Statement

We deliver energy sustainably for the benefit of our stakeholders.

We achieve this by:

  • Running safe and efficient operations.
  • Low/optimized cost production.
  • Leveraging technology and innovative solutions.
  • Engaging talented and disciplined people of integrity.
  • Building strong relationships with key business partners.
  • Strong community engagement in our areas of operations.
  • Focus on cash flows and overall financial performance.
  • Complying with regulatory requirements.